Maileg mice are available in 5 sizes. These are:

  • Baby: 6.4 cm (best fit furniture: MY)
  • Little brother/sister: 10 cm (best fit furniture: Micro)
  • Big brother/sister: 13 cm (best fit furniture: Micro)
  • Mum/Dad: 15 cm (Best fit furnitureL Micro)
  • Grandma/Grandad: 15.2 cm (Best fit furniture: Micro)

Baby mice fit with MY size furniture but generally will also fit Micro. All other mice fit with MICRO furniture best. Micro is slightly larger than MY.  

Maileg King Mouse


Maileg Queen Mouse


Maileg Prince mouse - Big brother


Maileg Nurse Mouse


Maileg Big sister mouse in box


Maileg Big Brother mouse in box


Maileg Car with Garage - Aqua


Maileg Baby Mouse in a Carrycot


Maileg Happy Camper Tent


Maileg Cake set in suitcase


Maileg Macrons et Chocolat Chaud